Hello World…again

To compare myself to the Phoenix seems a bit cliche but I’m going to do it anyway. My facebook profile is gone, kaput, poof! I can’t seem to get it back no matter how many times I send them the required proof. And there are no humans to talk to over there; only androids, and AI. So, screw ’em. Right?

Enough of that, on to the good stuff.

I’ve built a new Facebook Fan Page, since I don’t have access to the one I made, you know, YEARS ago. It’s open over there and you can give it a like if you’re so inclined.You can find it HERE. 

On to the even better stuff!

I have four new books coming out, hopefully all of them will be released this year. All up and coming projects will be listed on the Coming Soon page. The blurbs haven’t been perfected yet, but the spiffy covers are there.

So, I welcome you to the new blog page, the new website, and the burning embers from which I am currently evolving.

With Love,


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